Working at Pebble - 
  • we work on clients anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the Oceania region
  • we recruit personnel that have vast experience to bring value to our clients
  • as the client engagement requires, you may be required on-site or can work remotely, therefore there may be some travel required
  • all of our personnel have the ability to work as part of a larger team or a sole assignment basis, so we expect maturity and discipline no matter what shape of engagement we are presented with
  • we use leading services for security, collaboration and productivity to ensure that client details are secure and all records are accurate. 
What we believe in - 
  • firstmost and foremost, we believe in making a difference. Many at Pebble IT have backgrounds in large corporate providers and thrive in the Pebble IT environment where we get to work alongside companies that face real challenges and together we innovate, collaborate and strive to make that difference whether it be delivering new capabilities, refining existing capabilities or lowering the cost of ownership for technical outcomes
  • we are innovative - we know there is more than one way to achieve an outcome - and there is more than one technology that can be used to achieve it. We are not tribal - our focus is on the customer and the outcome they desire. Not only does this relate to the methods and technologies that we implement, upgrade, optimise and manage - but also the commercial arrangements we enter into with clients including custom billing arrangements that larger less agile corporations woud struggle to achieve
  • technology is a primary enabler of competitiveness and work satisfaction. We live and breathe technology, we constantly research and play with what is new and have opinions on directions of various markets and how different streams of technology can converge to increase their own utility. We want clients to be getting the most out of their IT investments and see the users of these systems enjoy interacting with them which then leads to even better efficiencies being gained

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