What we do

What we do

We work with small, large and multi-national organisations as well as government departments in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Oceania region to enable outcomes and cost savings across your data platforms.

We have been working with leading companies, organisations and government departments for more than a decade - and we have lasted this time due to the value that we deliver to our clients.

We concentrate on "Data Management" Services. What do we define as "Data Management" services ? It encompasses the modernisation and optimisation of your application platform to deliver improved costs for greater outcomes. Modernisation ? A new IT buzzword that is multi-faceted - this includes the areas of upgrading to versions that enable new technical capabilities whether that it be processing prowess, data movement or features that empower users and administrators alike - particularly security. For example, moving your existing SQL Server 2005 database on Windows 2008 to an encrypted 2017 SQL Server on Ubuntu Linux Server could be a complete game-changer for your business that could enable massive performance improvements for greater insights, better adoption by a larger user base, increased security that could give you the confidence to allow external access and improved recovery times and minimal data loss. That is just one application - multiply that by an inventory of applications and cloned environments that encompass the DevOps lifecycle and you are entering a complex domain that we can help you navigate to achieve real results in a manageable timeframe.


We specialise in databases, and overlay many areas of different expertise range from maintenance, performance tuning, diagnosing system-wide issues and bottlenecks, consolidating, patching, feature enablement like encryption or designing and implementing High Availability architectures such as clustering SQL Server and Oracle Real Application Clusters.


This is across all locations and we help clients execute their move-to-cloud strategy and offer sensible advice on what is best in the cloud and what would be better served on on-premise infrastructure like Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure and VMWARE vSAN's HCI offerings.


We also operate across many different virtualisation technologies and are specialists in the niche Oracle OVM virtualisation product and can help you not only migrate databases and applications, but their underlying virtualisation, operating system and infrastructure. Legacy infrastructure to Hyperconverged Infrastructure or Legacy to Cloud or any other combination or change of the virtualisation layer is something that we can work with you on and advise you how to plan the trials and execute the cutover to minimise business disruption.


Not only can we help you execute your strategy, but we can engage with you on providing the expertise to run your new modernised platform. We can own the outcomes for an application, a server, a data-centre or the entire IT landscape, whatever suits your needs. We can also complement your existing personnel to supplement for peak times and key staff unavailability. This all falls under our 24x7 Managed Services offerings.​


We adapt to and work seamlessly within our clients’ culture and value the expertise of their employees. Clients have access to our Senior Management who are accountable for the clients' success and satisfaction. We strive to listen and continuously improve whether it be through training, revising processes or internally upgrading the systems we use to support our services.

We have been part of hundreds of migrations, new implementations of both infrastructure and software, and are often sought out by vendors to help resolve other clients' challenges. Most importantly, we are a privately owned service provider that is agile in nature who listens to the clients needs and shapes the engagement to deliver the outcomes that matter to you. We don't have a large pushy sales team, instead we have senior people who will listen to your needs and work with you to understand how together we can achieve something important.

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