Vendor Audit Defence

Vendor Audit Defence

You can either be ahead of the curve and plan for a vendor audit, or you could be the recipient of a notice/letter/invoice from a vendor post-audit advising you that you have breached contractual conditions.


Either way, we can help you achieve strategic outcomes.

Pebble IT has assisted many clients since 2003 prepare and react to an unexpected contractual breach with vendors. We take the stance of intermediary where we strive to maintain a positive relationship between the vendor and the client and work through the challenges in a structured and timely fashion.

We have expertise across many enterprise vendors and utilise key relationships through our professional networks to ensure that escalations from either party are manageable and that strategic and agreeable outcomes can be obtained.

If you are being proactive and preparing your organisation for a vendor audit, we can advise and assist you in that preparation and even participate with your team during the audit.

The outcome is that we can minimise the risk of the audit causing major disruption to your business operations and that the vendor remains a strategic partner in your technology strategy in the immediate term. Talk to us today to discuss the outcomes that you require.


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