Pebble IT works with leading technologies to ensure quality outcomes can be planned and realised quickly using solutions that have been proven before.


We choose the best products to deliver robust solutions utilising our expertise in delivery and support.

ORACLE. Pebble IT is a long term partner for Oracle and serves the Australian and Asia Pacific marketplace with expertise in the Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud offerings, and Oracle Engineered Systems. We are experts in Oracle's tools, methodologies and licensing requirements. We design, implement and support high-throughput and redundant systems utilising Oracle's Exadatas, Database Appliances, X86 Servers, SPARC Servers and other Engineered Systems. We specialise in Oracle's virtualisation (OVM) hypervisor and both their Solaris and Linux operating systems and perform migrations to or from these systems to the Cloud.

MICROSOFT. Pebble IT is a long term partner for Microsoft and serves the Australian and Asia Pacific marketplace with expertise in the SQL/Azure Databases, and Azure Cloud offerings, with either on-premise, public cloud or a Hyper Converged Infrastructure architecture. We are experts in designing, implementing and managing high availability SQL Server clusters with monitoring to ensure optimal performance.

NUTANIX. Pebble IT is a Nutanix partner that has core strengths in delivering Hyper Converged Infrastructures utilising both Microsoft and Oracle technologies. The benefits of Nutanix are often ignored with Oracle technologies and Pebble IT works with clients to understand how both solutions can work together to deliver strategic outcomes.



VEEAM. Pebble IT is a partner for Veeam specialising in both Veeam for backup and availability of Oracle databases and data centre backup and replication for the data centre in a Hyper Converged Infrastructure setting. Veeam is a leader in the backup and data protection space and Pebble IT uses it to delivery strategic outcomes to clients whether it be in conjunction with Oracle, Nutanix, Azure or on-premise infrastructure.

Veeam Availability Platform

Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam ONE Monitoring, Reporting & Capacity Planning

Snow License Manager

Oracle management option

Snow Optimizer for SAP

Virtualization management option

Snow for ServiceNow

SNOW SOFTWARE. Pebble IT is a partner for Snow Software that specialises in the data centre. Whilst many just concentrate on devices such as desktops, we encompass asset management of the data centre across virtualisation, databases and applications. We offer specialist services for Oracle license compliance and can assist you with pre or post-audit discovery and preparation for SAP Audits. We manage Snow environments for the client and can operate the complete Software Asset Management function for clients utilising our 24x7 service desk.

TMAXSOFT. Pebble IT was the first partner for TmaxSoft in Australia specialising in the Tibero database. Its near 100% compatability with the Oracle database gives clients the real alternative to migrate to a high performing enterprise class database that is VMWare & Nutanix certified as its licensing model honours all partitioning models. Whether it is clustered for high availability or stand-alone with free licensable options including spatial, compression, diagnostics or partitioning, the Tibero database is a new alternative that Enterprises should consider for both their on-premise and cloud workloads.

Tibero Database

Database Standby & Replication

DBVISIT. Pebble IT is a partner for Dbvisit for the replication of Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Tibero database solutions. Dbvisit avoids the customer having to license more expensive database editions that are required to enable replication and instead offer a cost-effective alternative that permits failover to a standby instance thus protecting your data investment. It could also be used for replicating to reporting instances to reduce the workload on the production transaction servers.

LENOVO, DELL and IBM. These leading hardware providers have strategic offerings in the Hyper Converged Infrastructure space with Nutanix and VMware. Pebble IT can facilitate and implement these hardware offerings as part of your Hyper Converged Infrastructure strategy. Whether it be compute power or storage capacity, these leading providers work seemlessly with a Nutanix or VMware Hyper Converged Infrastructure to deliver lower costs and enable strategic outcomes for the enterprise hybrid data centre across on-premise and public clouds.

ORACLE CLOUD, AMAZON AWS, GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM & AZURE CLOUD. We work with these leading cloud providers to delivery high performing and hybrid solutions that meet your strategic outcomes. We design use of these clouds in a Hyper Converged Infrastructure architecture or as destinations to migrate workloads to to achieve agility, lower costs and faster deployment times. We recognise that customers are interested in multiple clouds and we work with these leading providers as they all contain different offerings that have advantages for different scenarios and use cases. Their resilience, support and technical capability are the primary drivers behind Pebble IT's use of their services.

SQL Server

SQL Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Windows Server

Hyper-V Hypervisor

Oracle Database

Oracle Middleware

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Cloud for IAAS, PAAS and SAAS

Oracle Grid/Cloud Control for monitoring

Oracle monitoring and security solutions

Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris

Oracle Virtualization Management

Oracle Licensing

Nutanix Prism

Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor

VMWARE. Pebble IT is a VMware partner that delivers Virtualisation and Hyper Converged Infrastructures utilising both Microsoft and Oracle technologies. In addition to being the leading provider of virtualisation to enterprises, VMware's Hyper Converged Infrasrtucture offering (vSAN) is ideal for your Microsoft & Oracle workloads on Lenovo, Dell and other leading infrastructure providers. Pebble IT can work with you on designing and implementing strategic outcomes to deliver agility and lower TCO in your data centres.

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