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In a perfect world, managing the discovery of software assets, the capture of license entitlements and optimization of an organisation’s software usage and compliance situation would be a single-click operation.


Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and those charged with managing an organisation’s software compliance, availability and expenditure face many challenges that can easily derail a Software Asset Management (SAM) program.


Pebble IT and SNOW help organisations overcome these challenges which include; inventory collection, software recognition, tracking usage, capturing license entitlements, and license reconciliation.

SNOW Software Asset Management Software.  SNOW is a SAM platform that is used for achieving software compliance across Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Adobe, and many other vendors. The SNOW Platform empowers organizations to optimize software licenses & reduce costs by providing insight & control of software consumption across all devices & platforms.


SNOW Inventory Collection.  Put simply, it’s not enough to just know what is happening on Windows PCs and Servers, organizations now need to actively track their Mac, UNIX and Linux estates. Virtualization also adds another layer of complexity. The fix is to either select a single inventory solution like SNOW that can audit the platforms across the organization’s network, or accept the fact that multiple inventory tools will be required to provide audit information to the SAM program.

SNOW Software Recognition. If being able to find all the applications installed on the devices across the network is difficult, then actually recognizing what they are in terms of commercially licensable entities is even harder. With SNOW the raw data from the inventory solution (or solutions, if you use multiple inventory solutions to monitor different platforms) is first checked against a comprehensive library of known applications and suites (something like 30 million recognized files in Snow’s case), with any applications that are left ‘unrecognized’ being investigated by a team of skilled software audit experts.

Tracking Software Usage. SNOW can track the usage of both on-premise and cloud-based applications. Ideally, usage should not be limited to ‘device-based access’ (i.e. how often an application is run on/from a particular machine) but should also incorporate user-based metrics (i.e. who is using what application, regardless of device).

Capturing and Processing License Entitlements. The next step is to capture and apply what the organization has actually paid for – the licenses it has. SNOW can complement existing ITAM investments but offer specialist functions to import license entitlements as quickly and accurately as possible.

Reconciling Software Usage Against Entitlements. Having established both what’s installed and what the organization has purchased, the SAM manager must now reconcile the two data sets to create the organization’s Effective Licensing Position (ELP). This is where a good SAM solution will come into its own; and where a bad one can do a lot of damage.

The Snow Software Asset Management Platform. Consists of many different applications and modules that allows enterprises of all industries to be able to efficiently and centrally manage all license and related compliance within one powerful centralised solution. The major components of the Snow platform are -

Snow License Manager. The world’s leading Software Asset Management solution for software, SaaS and IaaS, with cloud & on-premise delivery.

Snow Inventory. Discover devices, software and cloud services on all platforms, audit software installs and track usage.

Snow Optimizer for SAP. Discover, analyse and optimize your license usage across your SAP Systems to manage the significant costs that can be incurred within your SAP investment.

Snow Automation Platform. Automate key Software Asset Management, Cloud and mobile processes to accelerate adoption and increase ROI.

Snow Device Manager. A complete enterprise mobility management solution that handles the full lifecycle of mobile devices.

Snow Integration Connectors. Maximise the value of existing investments with automated Inventory, ITAM& ITSM integrations.

Software Recognition Service. Automatically recognise the applications across your network.

Oracle Management Option. Cut the costs of managing complex Oracle licenses.

Virtualization Management Option. Identify & manage virtual assets across your data centre.

Snow for ServiceNow. A certified integration for automatically populating ServiceNow CMDB with hardware configuration and software inventory data from the Snow Software Asset Management platform.

Snow for Microsoft Office 365. Snow for Office 365 provides granular, centralized, usage-focused visibility of all Office 365 usage and spend, enabling effective application management and cost control.

Contact Pebble IT for help with SAM.  If you have received an audit request letter from a Software Vendor or want to mitigate risk by being better prepared for compliance audits please feel free to contact Pebble IT to learn more.


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