Pebble IT leverages the power of the ScienceLogic Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Platform to help monitor and manage the complexities of your IT environment.


We know that you are constantly looking for better ways to reduce IT costs, increase business revenue, and decrease risk of service disruption. ScienceLogic provides a single solution to help you do just that. We can start off small just monitoring a few systems and then expand as required to support your journey to the Enterprise Cloud.

Gain control over your infrastructure

IT service assurance can be hard. Especially across complex IT infrastructures. There’s too many vendors and technologies. Throw in hybrid cloud, SDN, containers, microservices…it’s daunting. ScienceLogic makes IT service delivery easy. It’s more than just an IT monitoring tool. Automatically discover IT assets, visualize dependencies, correlate events, enable automation, and more. All from a single platform.

Finally, you get a unified view of service delivery across your IT infrastructure, on-prem and in the cloud. No need to stitch together disparate tools or modules. It’s a single product for managing the performance of your entire stack—networks, compute, storage, and applications.

Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring and Management. Get instant visibility across your environment today, maintain full visibility when new technologies are introduced in the future, and spend less time administering your IT environment. Monitor traditional data centres, hosted environments, and the public cloud with a single solution.

Discovery. Stay in control of your evolving infrastructure with ScienceLogic’s intelligent auto-discovery. “Self-Configuring Network Management System”) automatically discovers resources using monitoring policies that iteratively uncover and collect element configuration, asset, and performance detail—in highly dynamic environments—with no action required by the user.

Dependency Mapping. The world of IT continues to get more complex every day. New technologies are entering the market at a blistering pace—with virtual, cloud and software-defined infrastructures gradually replacing physical infrastructure. Understanding how all the different parts work together has never been more difficult. The silos that have developed across different areas of IT make troubleshooting problems nearly impossible. These are the exact issues our built-in dependency mapping solves.

Dashboards. See the information that matters in a single, customized view with ScienceLogic’s role-specific dashboards. We can provide real-time, highly intuitive dashboards to monitor key parameters in your business—as they happen. From internal and external SLA parameters to element-specific and overall performance metrics, the ScienceLogic platform flexes to meet your business needs, regardless of size.

Ticketing. Notify the correct teams and resolve problems faster with ScienceLogic’s automated ticketing system. Open, update, and close tickets automatically in your service desk solution—whether you use ScienceLogic’s integrated ticketing or a third party solution like ServiceNow®, BMC Remedy, and others.


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