SAP Audit Readiness

The SAP systems capture all details of user access, history and integration of all systems in and out allowing the SAP auditors to analyse your usage of SAP in a granular manner that you will not be able to perform yourself.

The first you will learn of a breach of license compliance will be the report from the SAP auditors - and often this is accompanied by a massive bill.

We help organisations either prepare to avoid these surprises or to gain the same detailed insights so that your position is thoroughly analysed and potentially defendable.

SAP along with other major vendors are using non-compliance of license conditions as leverage to purchase more of their products. Are you prepared for this unplanned expenditure ? In many case this has been millions of dollars and causes major disruption to not only budgets, but IT operations.
The key to achieving and maintaining license complaince is discovery. SAP does not provide the ability to perform self-discovery, whilst all the data is captured and protected in great detail, the standard product does not surface this data to the unsuspecting client.
Discovery & Remediation Project. We can work with you on a short and achievable engagement to implement a discovery tool and work through the analysis of the revealed data. This will allows you to make the necessary updates such as inactivating inactive users or changing user access so that users can move to different licensable User Types thus decreasing any non-compliance exposure. Trying to achieve this manually can take many man-months, whereas the tool can perform this in hours.
Indirect Usage. The big topic in SAP licensing is "Indirect Usage" where SAP will argue that data processed by SAP then sent to another system has received benefit from SAP and as such should be licensable in its own right. This has resulted in many court cases with SAP being awarded millions in their favour. Being able to surface all points that an interface touches will provide you the factual evidence you need to argue your defence or to be able to re-design to avoid this conflict in the future.
Automation. The use of automation is key for initial discovery so that you can act fast. Ongoing processes or confirming compliance with automation will minimise the risk of high cost of ownership. Enabling a tool within SAP itself to access all the SAP related license data will ensure that the both the initial and ongoing compliance governance processes are cost efficient and accurate. It is realistic that compliance reporting can be a monthly activity as well as a standard check for proposed integrations.
Snow Optimiser for SAP (SOS). Pebble IT works with Snow Software to design a project to minimise your SAP compliance risk either pre- or post-audit. We employ experts who have participated in audits and compliance remediation for large private and government organisations throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. SOS uses the standard SAP GUI interface and communicates via RFC connections from Solution Manager (or the designated Master system) to satellite systems. This means that you can use to measure SAP usage, the SOS platform provides numerous benefits:
  • No additional hardware or software needed

  • No security problems or concerns

  • SAP standard authorization concept

  • Full control by your SAP Basis/Security team

  • No critical information leaves your systems to be managed outside of the SAP System

SOS focuses on three areas in the SAP landscape:

  • Collection/Inventory/Reporting

  • Analysis/Optimization

  • Administration/Management


One of the most powerful resources for the SAM Practitioner for SAP systems is the detailed view of the license allocations in the system(s).


Rather than your SAP team trying to manually track the current license allocations, SOS maintains up-to-date details on which licenses are assigned where. SOS allows SAM administrators to re-balance license allocations on-the-fly, and to right-size the licensing across the SAP landscape.

Rule-sets can be created to quickly and correctly align the user with the correct license in the correct system, based on the users’ activities. SOS can also give warnings when you reach a limit of contractual number of licenses, engines, or specific activity types. All of this will give you insights and the ability to avoid additional costs or penalties in the future.

The return on investment will be seen immediately. Snow Software (the vendor for SOS) has observed an average of 20%-30% savings on costs associated with SAP licensing and maintenance. SOS provides the tools, reports and background for numerous companies to reduce or eliminate the penalties and costs associated with indirect access, licensing audits, additional license purchases, and excess maintenance.

The ongoing return will be recognized as you and your company discover that the Snow Optimizer  for SAP allows you to control costs, streamline audits and operations, and provide a foundation for negotiation of licensing and maintenance.


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