Software Asset Management as a Service

Pebble IT can provide a full outsource of tools, processes and people to meet your Software Asset Management needs.

Concentrate on your business whilst we manage and optimise your software license assets.

Software Asset Management is the domain of specialists. Pebble IT has assisted many clients in and outside of Australia with optimising licenses to realise significant savings; collaborated on licensing deployment strategies; implemented software asset management procedures and tools to enable robust license compliance discovery and management capabilities; and assisted in defending clients post-audit to achieve the best outcomes.
It is these experiences that will enable you to understand your license inventory and obtain a level of expertise that you would otherwise have to employ. The potential savings from optimisation will likely pay for the service.
We establish and run your own software asset management solution using Snow Software's world leading software asset management platform. We then work with your technical staff to gather all license inventory and meet with stakeholders to understand business objectives and challenges and this will lead us to how to shape subsequent optimisation activities.
The outcome is that you will not need to increase your workforce or subject your existing IT talent to learn yet another discipline and instead can focus on core business challenges whilst we work on meeting your business objectives.


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