Oracle License Services

We work with you to understand your Oracle challenges through a process of discovery and consultation.


We represent You, not the vendor, and can quickly formulate strategies and potential savings.

Whether it be license optimisation, audit preparation, audit defense, or challenging the audit results – we have saved clients both in and out of Australia, millions of dollars that they would have otherwise not been able to achieve

In today’s business environment, it is more important than ever to maintain control over your compliancy through governance.

We believe that any contractual strategy should be simple to manage and controllable with minimal overhead. Creating a license baseline and understanding your current and future positions are important outcomes which can be used for key planning activities and revised over time as strategies evolve.

We would initiate the discovery and optimisation process through a project that we term ‘A Strategic Oracle License Review’. This delivers the customer the knowledge and expertise to understand the current Oracle technology footprint and to plan for future needs. Knowledge delivered by the project typically enables:

  • Cancellation of redundant license contracts

  • Upgrade of under-utilised license entitlements to a more suitable metric

  • Migration of old metric licences to newer and more strategic metrics

  • Alignment of support dates across different Oracle Orders

  • Renegotiation and Interpretation of Oracle contracts

  • Understanding of new Oracle licenses

  • Licensing Production, Development, Test, Archive and DRP environments

  • Implications of Oracle Core Licensing factors

  • Oracle Initial License Fee and Enterprise Agreements

  • Oracle Server Partitioning Rule

  • Server Core Fractions and Virtualisation

  • Cloud Computing and Hosting rights

  • Primary Usage within Oracle Applications

  • Multiplexing Concepts

  • Licensing Non-Human Devices

  • Application Specific and Embedded Licensing


An important aspect that is not often considered is maintaining a professional and positive relationship between the Oracle customer and the vendor. With so many moving parts within Oracle Corporation the value of the customer is often misunderstood or lost amongst the different departments and interests that exist. Through our long-standing relationship with Oracle, we can negotiate the often international web of key stakeholders to engage to ensure that sensible outcomes are achieved and reasonable requests are made by all parties.

The result is a positive and strategic investment in Oracle technology that can deliver innovative results to your business.


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