Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Nutanix HCI

Enterprise IT teams today are looking for ways to deliver on-premises IT services with the speed and operational efficiency of public cloud services.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform simplifies infrastructure management so you can focus on delivering business value and innovation.


Integrated data protection, non-disruptive upgrades, and self-healing systems ensure predictable performance, reliable disaster recovery, and efficient operations at lower cost.

Taking cues from web giants, hyperconverged infrastructure combines x86-based compute and storage resources with intelligent software to eliminate common pain points associated with legacy infrastructure. While hyperconvergence is not an end point in itself, it is the fundamental building block for enterprise cloud.

Nutanix delivers a comprehensive enterprise cloud platform that bridges the wide gap that exists between traditional infrastructure and public cloud services. The solution delivers turnkey infrastructure that integrates servers, storage and virtualization along with end-to- end systems management and operations management capabilities. This allows enterprises to deploy infrastructure in minutes and shift the focus to applications that power the business.

The Nutanix Solution converges the entire data centre stack including compute, storage, storage networking, and virtualization. Complex and expensive legacy infrastructure is replaced by simple 2U appliances that enable enterprises to start small and scale one node at a time. Each server, also known as a node, includes Intel-powered x86 hardware with flash SSDs and HDDs. Nutanix software running on each node distributes all operating functions across the cluster for superior performance and resilience.

Scalability while being hardware agnostic - a single Nutanix cluster can have an unlimited number of nodes. Different hardware platforms are available to address varying workload needs for compute and storage. Nutanix software is hardware agnostic and runs on Nutanix hardware, and also hardware from OEMs such as Dell, Lenovo and IBM.

How Nutanix Software Is Deployed - A Nutanix cluster is 100% software defined. Each node in a cluster can run a hypervisor (VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, or Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor) - or use Acropolis Block Services to run Oracle and other workloads on bare-metal. The Nutanix software runs as a virtual machine titled the Controller VM (CVM) that runs and collects detailed operational and health data of the cluster. This allows Nutanix systems to be hypervisor agnostic. The CVM includes Prism management functions and Acropolis data plane functions to simplify the management of the entire infrastructure stack.

The Pebble IT Advantage - we are not tribal - but we are experts at multiple technologies. We are part of an exclusive club of partners that specialise in Oracle solutions on the Nutanix platform. We are also experts in the Microsoft solutions that run on Nutanix. We can design and implement an integrated solution that caters for your entire IT landscape, rather than just islands of systems moved to the Nutanix platform. 

We are also hardware vendor agnostic, whilst we can work with Nutanix itself, Lenovo, Dell and IBM for the underlying hardware platform, we can work with any existing hardware or other platforms that the client brings to the solution. 



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