System Monitoring

System Monitoring

We know that you are constantly looking for better ways to reduce IT costs, increase business revenue, and decrease risk of service disruption.


Pebble IT works on optimising existing solutions and implementing the right monitoring solution to ensure ongoing visibility and management.


We can start small monitoring a few systems and then expand as required whether it be managed in-house or as part of a Managed Service.

Applications, Operating Systems, Databases and Infrastructure all age and require different disciplines to keep up to date with compatible versions across the entire stack. This leads to complexity, increased effort and ongoing costs that are increasingly more difficult to predict. 

Monitoring all these components is the first step to discovering and then successfully managing this disperse landscape of components. With the sheer diversity of IT systems used in today's Enterprise, it is a significant undertaking to bring the monitoring of the IT landscape under one banner. Vendors of systems can provide their own specialist monitoring and then there are providers who have an open design that can cater for a significant portion of an Enterprise's typical IT landscape. 

We take the approach of understanding where the challenges in the IT ecosystem exists, and work on optimising the critical targets and then implementing a monitoring regime to manage those critical resources. This could be then managed in-house by your own resources or Pebble IT can continue to manage and optimise the systems on an on-going basis.

Oracle Monitoring

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) can be installed on your servers or you can connect to our cloud instance for us to proactively manage your Oracle environments. OEM now integrated with Oracle's Engineered Systems and has management packs for many Oracle programs beyond the database. There are also extension packs for SQL Server to allow all database monitoring to be measured and provided in a consistent manner.


Oracle also has Application Performance Monitoring & Infrastructure Performance Monitoring cloud services that can be implemented that monitor your on-premise and cloud systems no matter where they are located. This can be combined with Oracle's Log Analysis & IT Analytics for complete coverage of extensive data centres that work at scale.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Monitoring

A compelling feature of HCI is the simplicity that the integration of hardware to software brings, one of the most beneficial areas that this is realised is in the area of monitoring. Both Nutanix and VMware vSAN provide comprehensive monitoring of the hardware and virtualised stacks presented in simple to use dashboards that maximise the ability to understand the performance and other impacts that can be occuring within clusters.

ScienceLogic Monitoring. 

A specialist montoring platform that is uniquely designed to cater for a vast array of IT systems as well as being managed by a Service Provider. ScienceLogic allows monitoring of on-premise and cloud instances that can then be managed in-house - even in a multi-tenant configuration when you have multiple subsidiaries to manage - or managed by a Service Provider who then acts as an integrated piece of your IT team. With its own ticketing the lifecycle of proactive problem management and incidents can be all addressed in one integrated end-to-end solution.


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