Hybrid Infrastructure

Hybrid Infrastructure

Hybrid IT Infrastructure combines traditional IT and Hyper converged infrastructure (HCI), with private, managed and public clouds.

Pebble IT helps clients establish an architecture which helps to avoid vendor lock in and provides interoperability between private data centre infrastructure and public cloud.

Oracle engineered systems take infrastructure optimization to the next level. They’re architected, integrated, tested, and optimized to work together. What’s more, they’re co-engineered with Oracle software for a level of cloud-ready integration and Oracle Database performance that generic systems cannot match.

Nutanix - (HCI) Hyper Converged infrastructure, streamlines the deployment, management and
scaling of datacentre resources by combining x86-based server and storage resources with intelligent software in a turnkey software-defined solution. Separate servers, storage networks and
storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyper-converged solution to create an agile datacentre
that easily scales with your business.

An Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix is a unified IT operating environment that melds private, public and distributed clouds, providing a single point of control for managing infrastructure and applications in any cloud. The Enterprise Cloud delivers a consistent, high-performance and seamless experience for both cloud operators and consumers of cloud-delivered services and applications.

VMware vSAN - Hyperconverged Infrastructure is native to the market-leading hypervisor, delivers flash-optimized, secure storage for all of your critical vSphere workloads. vSAN is built on industry-standard x86 servers and components that help lower TCO versus traditional storage. It delivers the agility to easily scale IT and offers the industry’s first native HCI encryption.

vSAN pools together server-attached storage to provide a highly resilient shared datastore suitable for any virtualized workload, including business-critical applications, virtual desktops, remote IT, DR, and DevOps infrastructure.


Pebble IT specialises in designing and migrating both Oracle and Microsoft workloads on to HCI platforms and are experts in the challenges that clients face with licensing Oracle software in virtual environments.

Dell and Lenovo are leading hardware providers for Hyperconverged Infrastructure -  Pebble IT works with Dell and Lenovo to design, supply and install an architecture that meets your needs of today that can be easily expanded as additional growth or new systems are migrated to the nodes and clusters. We work with whatever hardware provider you prefer in the HCI arena and this can also include Cisco and IBM for specialist workloads. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and you will discover that we do not prescribe just one size fits all and will work with your requirements to maximise your outcomes.


April 10, 2018

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is the foundation for a new modern data centre. That does not mean it has to be large. As HCI is the “pooling” of resources, you can start with a small pool of resources and grow it over time. This allows you to start with as few as 3 nodes of compute and storage (theoretically this could be 2 but we recommend 3 to get the true advantages of HCI) and use it for an immediate requirement. Six...

November 24, 2017

Here at Pebble IT we are striving to deliver joy to our clients. That takes a lot of time, and in the technology industry, there is a lot of evolving trends and updates that we must constantly keep on top of. We are passionate about this - and we would love to share everything we can through our web content, so please accept our apologies if we have not yet posted something that is relevant to you. We are working on it!

It is l...

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