Hyperconverged Infrastructure Hardware

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Hardware

Pebble IT can supply and implement all the hardware necessary to either start your journey on the Enterprise Cloud or to expand your current installations to further the benefits that you would be receiving from HCI

Dell is the most popular infrastructure platform used by Nutanix & VMware vSAN in the Australia Oceanic region. Not all workloads have the same requirements, so you need a wide configuration choice to get the right solution. Dell provides a variety of ready-to-order platform options. Start small and grow over time as needed or design and implement storage dense or compute dense configurations to take on large enterprise workloads. Configurations can include GPU support for your graphics-intensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) projects.

Lenovo delivers a wide range of configurations with their ThinkAgile Series of servers that are designed for Nutanix and VMware vSAN. They are suitable for small deployments that can grow as required to large compute dense and storage dense clusters. Renowned for their reliability, Lenovo has a rich history in Australia that is continuing to grow based on quality and TCO.

Nutanix not only delivers the market leading Hyperconverged Infrastrcture software solution that can run across many hardware vendor's offerings, but can also provide its own line of high performing pre-installed hardware that offer the simplest configuration and deployment with fully integrated support from a single vendor. 


April 10, 2018

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is the foundation for a new modern data centre. That does not mean it has to be large. As HCI is the “pooling” of resources, you can start with a small pool of resources and grow it over time. This allows you to start with as few as 3 nodes of compute and storage (theoretically this could be 2 but we recommend 3 to get the true advantages of HCI) and use it for an immediate requirement. Six...

February 1, 2018

Tibero, an SQL RDBMS featuring various clustering options, integrated encryption and compatibility with other vendors' DBMS products. It is available on-premises, in the cloud and via an appliance. TmaxSoft received the highest score for value for money; it also received high scores for security, pricing suitability and high-speed ingestion capabilities.

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