Data Migrations

Data Migrations

A data migration project is done for numerous reasons, which include replacing or upgrading servers or storage equipment, moving data to third-party cloud providers, website consolidation, infrastructure maintenance, application or database migration, software upgrades, company mergers or data centre relocation.

Pebble IT understands the customer’s special data management and migration requirements, and applies tested and proven migration methodologies to move your company data. We help tackle your Data Migrations at three levels:

Database migration is done when there is a need to change database vendors, upgrade the database software or move a database to the cloud. In this type of migration, the underlying data can change, which can affect the application layer when there is a change in protocol or data language. Data migrations in databases deal with modifying the data without changing the schema.

Some key tasks include assessing the database size to determine how much storage is needed, testing applications and guaranteeing data confidentiality. Compatibility problems can occur during the migration process, so it is important to test the process first.

Storage migration is justified through technology refreshes, and the process is used as an optimal time to do data validation and reduction by identifying obsolete or corrupt data. The process involves moving blocks of storage and files from one storage system to another, whether it is on disk, tape or the cloud. There are numerous storage migration products and tools that help smooth the process. Storage migration also offers the chance to remediate any orphaned storage or inefficiencies.

Application migration can occur when switching to another vendor application or platform. This process has its own inherent layers of complexity because applications interact with other applications, and each one has its own data model. Applications are not designed to be portable. Management tools, operating systems and virtual machine configurations can all differ from those in the environment where the application was developed or deployed. Due to these complexities in these cases Pebble IT works with Application specialists through the migration and testing process to ensure the application works as expected on the target environment.

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