Data Management

Data Management

Pebble IT specialises in migrating your databases across platforms whether it be to Linux, UNIX or Windows, as well as migrating to new database platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, Tibero or a Cloud DAAS offering such as Amazon RDS, SQL Azure & prepare for Oracle's new Autonomous Database cloud service.


We help organisations protect their data by using leading technologies such as Veeam or Oracle's technologies combined with robust processes to ensure that necessary RPO and RTO objectives are met and that both disaster recovery and business continuity strategies are in place.

Using the right platform that is protected and optimised lets you concentrate getting the most out of your data through our Reporting & Process Automation Services. Unlock the value of your data in your ERP systems and automate processes decreasing the cost of business whilst increasing reliability and timing.

Pebble IT offers a wide range of Data Migration Services to help organisations execute their technology strategy and project roadmap. Our end-to-end migration service is built on industry expertise, best practice, the latest tools, and automation. Whether you are moving to another platform, standardising and consolidating environments, conducting a technology refresh, migrating to Public or Private Cloud this service delivers less down time, helps you stay in budget, assesses and minimises potential performance issues on production and the chance of data loss.

Pebble IT helps organisations with “Data Protection” solutions by using modern Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions that consider, and where appropriate take advantage of Cloud capabilities. We focus on capturing application data from production servers and then making “virtual” data available for other uses such as Backup, DR, and Testing. Our services and solutions are Infrastructure agnostic and users can protect data in one location (On premise, at a DR site or in the Public or Private Cloud) and present it anywhere including on-premise with any compute and storage, and in public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud or Private Clouds like Nutanix.

Our Reporting Services are targeted at delivering robust secure solutions that are suitable for businesses of any size. We can work with you on getting the most out of your data through an on-premise or Cloud solution that can be as simple or as sophisticated as you require. Whether it be building a new reporting solution for a system that has restrictive reporting or you wish to gain valuable insights from merging on-premise and cloud data sources, Pebble IT can work with you to understand how benefits can be realised in a cost-efficient manner. Read our blog post on data warehouses or Contact us to learn more.

Our Process Automation Services enable you to share information across systems and push details to your employees, contractors, customers, suppliers or partners to notify, to obtain approval, or to share information in a timely manner reducing your reliance on cumbersome manual processes traditionally performed by your people on an intermittent basis. Contact us to learn more.


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