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At Pebble we are always on the lookout for something that is exciting and will meet demanding customer requirements. For the past couple of months we have been working on something that we think is worth sharing. Pebble IT started in Australia concentrating on the Oracle database. For the past ten years we have also included Microsoft’s SQL Server into the mix. Along the way we have encountered Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL and most recently, the Korean database, Tibero. All of these are relational databases that have SQL APIs to process and/or query data. Whilst some are capable of clustering for high availability – in Oracle’s case they refer to this as RAC (Real Application Clusters), Ti

No RAC in 19c Standard Edition (SE2)

Oracle is claiming that the demand for Real Application Clusters (RAC) in SE is low – we cannot confirm that. That is their justification for no longer permitting RAC with the Standard Edition offering (SE2) as of 19c. This means the 2019 release of SE2, or 19.3, (or in the old version naming convention) SE2 will not support RAC. 18c does, 19c does not. To upgrade to 19c in SE, you will have to convert your SE RAC to a single instance otherwise it will not upgrade. If RAC is essential to you then you will need to consider upgrading your SE to Enterprise Edition (EE). Of course Oracle strongly recommends you instead migrate to their Autonomous Database Cloud offering, however that is

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