IT Optimisation


With Pebble IT’s proven Oracle consulting expertise, business and government departments can further optimise their IT departments to achieve increased efficiency, greater business agility and lower operational costs. IT growth for many organisations often occurs on an ad hoc basis, with ‘stove-pipe’ application deployment resulting in elements of the infrastructure running at full capacity while others are under utilised. For IT departments, this means higher support and operating costs and massive inefficiencies.

To help reduce the total cost of ownership, business needs to ensure they are making best use of all their IT resources through the adoption of standardised processes and flexible technologies. Inefficient processes and cumbersome IT platforms slow down organisational change which become a barrier to top line revenue growth. Pebble IT’s Optimisation Services enable organisations to establish a resilient and scalable infrastructure that is cost-effective to support. Our services encompass: Strategy: Pebble IT’s Oracle Consulting service will develop a road-map for your IT infrastructure, adopting approaches such as consolidation, virtualisation and storage tiering. Transformation: Pebble IT will also reduce the risk of migrating to new IT technologies and minimise ‘time to results’. Our clients have been able to remove cost, complexity and barriers to change which has resulted in:

  • Huge financial savings
  • Business agility
  • Risk reduction/avoidance

About Us

For more than a decade, Pebble IT has developed a solid reputation in delivering innovative technology solutions that drive real business value and deliver effective, on time and on budget service and support..