Exadata Implementation

Exadata Migration Project

  • Pebble IT is an authorised Oracle Exadata Specialist, providing expert consulting across the Oracle Exadata appliance.

  • Our Consulting is uniquely positioned to help your organization implement, support and maintain Oracle Exadata appliances. 

  • Our Oracle experts can plan, install, configure, and validate the configuration of your Oracle Exadata environment while mentoring your IT team, confirming your specific requirements are being addressed. 

  • Whether you are consolidating data center environments, optimizing your infrastructure for critical applications, or expanding an existing engineered systems environment, we will help you get there faster and with less cost and risk. 

  • Our consulting experts work with your IT teams to understand your business requirements, design your system deployment architecture, and install/configure/validate your Oracle Exadata environment. 

  • Our service helps ensure a successful implementation by utilizing our proven methodologies, tools, and Oracle best practices.


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About Us

For more than a decade, Pebble IT has developed a solid reputation in delivering innovative technology solutions that drive real business value and deliver effective, on time and on budget service and support..